IP Exhaustion Alert: Europe Makes IPv4 Availability More Stringent

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Europe has begun implementing stricter restraints for companies looking to use IPv4 addresses as the old protocol diminishes. According to a BBC report on Friday, allowance for receiving such addresses has been limited to one application per company.

The max that each company can apply for is now set at 1,024. The new restraints arrive during a time in which IPv4 addresses become increasingly exhausted. Meanwhile, a number of web presences have been busy converting to IPv4’s successor, IPv6.

IP addresses play an integral role on the web, enabling the conversion of domain names to actual numeric digits, thus allowing users to load web pages.

“We are now assigning IPv4 address space from the last /8 and are currently updating the website to reflect this,” said RIPE NCC, the company tasked with administering IP addresses to internet companies in Europe via its website. The firm also urged providers to deploy IPv6 compatibility via their networks.

Earlier this year in June, a number of top online presences including Google tested IPv6 during an event known as World IPv6 Launch.