IP Traffic Set to Boom by 2016

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The world could be set for a big uptick in IP traffic by the year 2016. According to a forecast unveiled by technology provider Cisco on Wednesday, within four years’ time, online traffic will account for 1.3 zettabytes, a significant increase compared to current usage.

On average, IP traffic is set to flow at 150 petabytes on an hourly basis.

The company issued the report annually using its Visual Networking Index. So exactly what’s behind the large increase? Cisco pointed to a number of contributors. A primary reason included an increase in the number of devices. Not surprising, especially when you consider all the mobile gadgets.

Worldwide, more people are accessing the Internet. A U.N. projection cited by Cisco acknowledged that online users could account for 45% of the earth’s estimated population by 2016. Meanwhile, other factors included the expansion of Wi-Fi, online video access along with faster broadband speeds. Cisco has also provides a tool to help forecast mobile network traffic when running applications and a variety of mobile devices.