iPhone 5 Photo Leak: The Real Deal?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – More and more supposed information regarding Apple’s next generation iPhone is hitting the web. On Wednesday, Apple site 9to5mac.com unveiled an image of what was purportedly the back plate of what could become the iPhone 5.

The image itself was provided by iFixyouri, an Apple iOS device repair site.

iFixyouri was provided with the part to add to its catalogue from a supplier. According to 9to5Mac, the details of the image fit in with previously described rumors regarding the device. Features include a smaller dock connecter, partly made from aluminum alloy and a larger area at the bottom for what’s reported to be enhanced speaker capabilities.

What’s even larger breaking news is that the new iPhone could be set for at least two additional colors outside the currently available black and white versions. While Apple probably won’t go all out like it did with the original iMac (remember these bad boys? -everymac.com), a little more variety is always good.

Meanwhile, a previous report indicated that the iPhone 5 could also be set for a larger display, encompassing a total half an inch increase. It’s not a surprising move, considering other mobile competitors such as Samsung are creating devices with bigger screens.

Rumors regarding unreleased iPhones have been rampant since the devices initial introduction in 2007. Apple’s last release iPhone (the 4s) was unveiled by the Cupertino-based company in October of last year. Apple is also widely expected to launch its own HDTV within the future. However, nothing is officially confirmed.