iPhone 5S TouchID Sensor on iOS 7 Vulnerable, Group Finds

iPhone 5S TouchID Sensor on iOS 7 Vulnerable, Group Finds(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Researchers have shown that the touchID sensor on Apple’s new iPhone 5S for iOS 7 can be bypassed.

The discovery was made by Chaos Computer Club which showed that a fingerprint from a glass surface an be photographed then successfully used to access a user’s iPhone.

Specifically, fake fingerprints can be made by creating a mold of the actual glass fingerprints after which they can be held against the TouchID sensor to successfully unlock the iPhone.

Making the find, the group emphasized that fingerprint biometrics should be avoided as a means of security, calling them “unsuitable” as an “access control method.”

“As we have said now for more than years, fingerprints should not be used to secure anything. You leave them everywhere, and it is far too easy to make fake fingers out of lifted prints,” commented the researchers via a blog post.

You can watch a YouTube video of how the hackers accomplished the feat below: