iPhone 6 To Be Released This Summer? Oh, The Rumors.

iPhone 6 To Be Released This Summer? Oh, The Rumors.(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  The buzz surrounding the infamous iPhone 6 keeps on swirling, with new rumors surfacing almost daily.

The latest rumor suggests that the new smartphone will be released in June or July 2014, which conflicts with numerous posts stating that it would come out in October 2014, reports Thee Poch Times.

“Although there is no color yet on the iPhone 6 specs, our recent checks in Taiwan and Korea suggest Apple has already begun negotiating with its memory suppliers to secure capacities,” states Financial Group analysts, Mehdi Hosseini.

Other rumors indicate that Apple’s new device will have a bigger screen, curved glass, sapphire crystal to prevent scratching, 3D graphics, and a faster processor.

Apple has not acknowledged any of the speculation regarding the iPhone 6. Many believe that Apple will reveal the new model at the WWDC this upcoming summer.