iPhone 6: Too Soon to Speculate?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Many consumers have just recently been able to get their hands on the iPhone 5, launched last fall. Yet that hasn’t stopped some mobile enthusiasts from speculating what a sixth release of the smartphone could entail.

Leave it to concept creators and wishful thinking to guess how the iPhone 6 will look. Ubergizmo on Wednesday published a concept picture from designer Abel Verdezoto – showcasing what appears to be a more cube-shaped device. While we highly, highly doubt Apple will take the iPhone in this direction, it is nonetheless interesting.

The most fascinating and legitimate report we’ve seen today regarding the iPhone 6 comes from Emirates 247 which reported a rumor that the future phone could include an “ultrasensitive” touchscreen from Sharp, allowing users to use a pen on the device. While we’re not sure if that would increase pocket dialing problems – it could prove useful for note taking.

Anyhow, long before any iPhone 6 hits the market, one thing is highly sure: Apple will likely release an iPhone 5S. That being said, we think it’s way too soon to dwell too much on an iPhone 6…but we just had to give in anyhow!