iPhone 6 Users Complain of Front Camera Issues with the New Smartphone

iPhone 6 Users Complain of Front Camera Issues with the New Smartphone(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Ever since the iPhone 6 was released in September many problems have plagued the device, whether coming from issues with iOS 8 or the infamous “bendgate” that caused some phones to warp.

Now users of the smaller iPhone 6 are complaining that the front camera is misaligned, showing a crescent shaped image on the right side of the camera, BGR reports.

One user, spykeman1528, posted on Reddit that Apple will in fact fix the issue with either a new device of a display repair.

“Apple Store employee here, we don’t know why they shift and if you choose we can replace the display which will replace the front facing camera or just swap the device all together,” wrote the user. “I usually just offer the full unit swap since customers feel the entire device is defective at that point. I only recommend display repairs if a customers data is not backed up and that poses less of a risk for data loss than obvious full data loss of a whole unit swap if the customer is not backs up.”

Other issues Apple users have been experiencing include Wi-Fi, poor battery, and crashes with iOS 8 and problems with Bluetooth, black screens, crashes, and Wi-Fi with OS X Yosemite.

Apple has yet to release an official statement on the “Crescentgate” problem.