IPv6 Could be Dominant Protocol in Six Years

IPv6 Could be Dominant Protocol in Six Years(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The still-young Internet protocol platform known as “IPv6” has made major progress since just on year ago when IPv6 Launch Day was held.

In a report from the Internet Society last Friday, the organization noted that IPv6 statistics from Google had shown a doubling in percentage of users who access the platform over the web.

Meanwhile, the Internet Society suggested that IPv6 “could be” the dominant Internet protocol in just a six year span.

“All of these measurements indicate that IPv6 deployment is happening at scale and in a global fashion. Of course there is a very long tail of web content and services that is not yet IPv6 capable, and there are many more networks that have yet to deploy, but the data we have suggest these are challenges to be addressed rather than reasons for despair. Nobody can predict the future, and that’s especially true when we’re talking about the future of the Internet, but for IPv6 deployment at least, the signs are promising,” stated the group.

The measurement is notable. Just one year ago today, a number of online entities participated in World IPv6 Day wherein they tested the protocol. IPv6 replaces IPv4 – the older protocol that’s facing exhaustion.