IPv6 Whitelist Wins at IPv6 Awards

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – During the IPv6 awards, organized by the Dutch IPv6 Task Force, the Foundation IPv6 Whitelist came out as the winner. The Foundation Ipv6 Whitelist is a not-for-profit initiative, kicked off by the leading email security company SpamExperts. The foundation came up with an innovative solution in order to guarantee the email security as soon as the internet switches from the current IPv4 system to the IPv6 system.

It is expected in 2011 that current addres ranges will run out due to the growing large-scale use of the Internet. In order to prevent any problems from arising, a new address system, called IPv6, was constructed. However, this new system will bring forth a new problem, namely that sending out spam will become relatively easier and therefore it will become more complicated to protect yourself against this harmful email.

The initiative of the Foundation IPv6 Whitelist was undertaken by Dreas van Donselaar, CTO of SpamExperts.  The IPv6 Whitelist obliges companies/ people to register their mail-servers. The Whitelist enables mail server administrators to register their machine online in seconds without any personal records being held for the protection of their privacy. ISPs will be granted access to an API to automatically manage all entries on the list. Mail from machines other than those on the whitelist will not be processed in the Netherlands. This results in a manageable amount of devices that are registered to send email, Also, botnets used for sending out spam are automatically locked out. The system eases up the possibility of applying traditional reputation based filtering methods on the population of mailservers on the whitelist. This is a great improvement for fighting spam compared to having to apply reputation based filtering on the vast amount of potential mailservers in an IPv6 worlds which would cause these technologies to be less effective.

The IPv6 Task Force is stimulating IPv6 implementations in the Netherlands. It is extremely important that Companies, ISPs, governments, educational institutions and also individuals will realize that the transition to the new address system is necessary and that timely action should be taken to enable the shift to IPv6 (and to control the costs).

Many ISPs and other organizations are currently working on the change and implementation of IPv6. They were able to enter during the last months in order to compete for the IPv6 Award. The jury has nominated nine organizations and persons from which ultimately the initiative of Dreas van Donselaar and SpamExperts was chosen as the winner today.

The jury of the Award believes that the Foundation IPv6 Whitelist deserved to be the winner as pioneer in regards to IPv6 and wants to contribute 15.000 EURO in order to expand the Foundation’s activities and to gain attention for the shift to IPv6.

For more information regarding the IPv6 Awards, visit: http://www.ipv6-taskforce.nl/awards/

For more information about the Foundation Mailserver Whitelist, please visit: www.ipv6whitelist.eu

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