Iran Brings Back Gmail Following ‘Involuntary’ Ban

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Gmail is making a comeback in the middle-eastern country of Iran.

Last week, a variety of reports noted that the Islamic Republic had moved to block access to the key Google service. Anti-Islamic film Innocence of Muslims now appears to be a primary reason for the ban.

The removal of Gmail appeared unintentional with the country’s telecommunications ministry issuing a statement regarding the move. “We wanted to block YouTube, and Gmail was also blocked, which was involuntary,” commented a representative to the BBC.

The spokesperson also pointed out the country did not currently have “enough technical know-how to differentiate between these two services.”

Iran, meanwhile, is working further to ensure that YouTube stays blocked amid fury sparked by the amateur anti-Islam film appearing on the site.

Citizens of the country have commonly used proxy services to get around state-imposed bans. Iran is said to be readying its own internet network amid heightened security concerns over state-backed viruses including Flame and Stuxnet.

Blocking Google services worldwide are not uncommon. China notoriously maintains bans on a number of websites as well, seeking to stifle outside influence.