Iranian Oil Network Breached, Country Takes System Offline

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – The middle-eastern country of Iran faced an interesting dilemma on Monday when reports circulated that hackers had successfully infiltrated the computer network used to manage the country’s biggest natural resource, oil.

The response from the Islamic Republic was to isolate the breached network by taking the Internet system used to oversee the industry offline.

So what damage was done? It’s not entirely clear. However, on Tuesday Iranian Deputy Minister for Oil and Civil Defense Hamdollah Mohammadnejad reported via Iran’s IRNA new agency that the country’s oil industry was working fine with crude oil exports on schedule.

Despite reporting everything was fine, the state-run IRNA new source admitted some data had been affected in the breach. In recent years, western governments have criticized Iran for its nuclear ambitions and threats made against Israel, a longtime ally of the United States.

It’s not the first time the country has faced a high profile cyber-attack. In 2010, Iran’s nuclear program was temporarily crippled after it was successfully injected with the Stuxnet worm, according to CNET. Earlier this month, security firm ISSSource followed up the story by reporting that the source of the attack was an Iranian double agent working for Israel.