Iranian Power Plant Fights Stuxnet Breach

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Iran pushed back against a new push of the Stuxnet virus recently, a threat that targeted one of the country’s power plants among other areas, a BBC report noted on Tuesday.

The case was detailed by Ali Akbar Akhavan, an Iranian Provincial civil defense chief, according to news agency Isna.

Despite the attack that hit the Bandar Abbas electricity supply company, the attempt was thwarted with Akhavan saying Iran was able to “prevent its expansion owing to our timely measures and the co-operation of skilled hackers.”

The country, often at odds with western powers over nuclear concerns, has faced a number of hacking threats within the past years. Viruses such as Stuxnet and Flame are thought to have been launched by the U.S. in coordination with its ally, Israel.