Is #CloudHacking the Next Frontier in Cyber Security?

Is #CloudHacking the Next Frontier in Cyber Security?(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Private nude photos of Hollywood starlets such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton were released over the weekend in what has been reported as a large scale iCloud hack. Whether the leak is the result of a hack into Apple’s system or by breaking through individual accounts, Attorney John Riccione, Co-Managing Partner of Aronberg Goldgehn, has advice for keeping personal property private.

“The iCloud houses a lot of personal information, from banking accounts to private photos, in a sort of internet limbo,” says Riccione. “To keep this information from falling into the wrong hands, strong, unbreakable passwords are key.”

Riccione suggests using a different password for different accounts, including everything from social media platforms to email addresses. “Using the same password for multiple logins makes your information especially vulnerable,” adds Riccione. “A combination of letters, both capitalized and lowercase, as well as numbers, makes it harder for hackers to crack. To better remember it, think of a phrase rather than each individual character. For example, instead of ‘Password’ use ‘Pa55w0Rd.”

In addition to picking a complicated password, Riccione notes that changing passwords frequently is also a smart plan of action. “Apple has state that they suggest users utilize the two-step verification process to prevent future hacks.”

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