Is iOS7 Really Making People Sick?

Is iOS7 Really Making People Sick?(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Apple introduced its new iPhones to the public last month, along with a new operating system that some are saying is leading to headaches and sickness. The zoom functions of the new iOS7 are said to be the cause of feelings of motion sickness, vertigo, headaches and dizziness. Tech expert Karl Volkman of Chicago’s SRV Network, Inc., weighs in on the update and how users can adjust their settings to eliminate this effect.

“The iOS7 has a zoom feature that goes into effect when switching between apps, and that seems to be the cause of some negative user experiences,” says Volkman. “Although Apple probably didn’t anticipate the motion sickness that some are reporting, they luckily included an option to ‘reduce motion’ that users can choose under Settings. This option is said to reduce the animation that occurs when changing apps, and hopefully reduce any dizziness one might be experiencing.”

Complaints have been flooding online forums, including Apple’s discussion boards, and many customers are not happy with the new update. Chicago resident Erin Blackwell explains what happened when she first started using iOS7. “After a few days of using the updated operating system I realized the zooming feature was making me feel dizzy and I started to get headaches. I did some research and changed my settings to reduce the motion, which definitely helped lessen the effects.”

According to Volkman, the zoom effect is a nonessential feature that doesn’t add any sort of functional advantage. “After some people complained of having trouble downloading iOS7 in the first place, this is another headache, literally, Apple users have had to overcome with the new system.”

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