Is SEO Affected by Social Media?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  The short answer to the title of this article’s question is: Yes. As with most things your business does on the internet, social media sites contribute at least in part to your overall search engine optimization (SEO). In most of our other articles on the topic of SEO, we delve into the subject of how to use keywords and cross-linking to improve the search ranking of your company’s website. In fact, we even hosted a webinar on the topic just last month:

However, a fairly recent development in search engines is the inclusion of social media sites into their search algorithms. This development should not only be motivation for re-strategizing your company’s SEO plan, but it should also motivate you to better utilize your social media presence. With social content now being a factor, you should be trying to produce more shareable content in your networks. Since this is still such a new area for search, it is important to stay on top of how it may still evolve or change. For now, it is important to understand the new relationship SEO has with social media, and how your site can benefit from it.

Include links to your social media pages on your actual business website, to grow your network in those areas. Conversely, your social media pages should of course link back to the main website.

Write keyword-rich content wherever is appropriate on your social pages, such as the Twitter bio or Facebook information section. By using the same keyword strategy that you would use for the actual website, it will ensure that your social media presence is high-ranking in search results as well.

Publish highly-shareable content to your social media networks. If this content is tied to your website, the sharing satisfies one of the basic rules of SEO, which is to have multiple websites linking back to your website. If something from your business is highly shared, you have more backlinks boosting your SEO.

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