Is SEO Worth it for Search Engines Besides Google?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for helping businesses to be found online is well-documented. In the Internet’s increasingly competitive marketplace, it is almost impossible for a company’s website to be found without SEO. Yet, many tutorials and discussions about the subject are written with Google as a specific example. This is due to the fact that Google is the number one search engine in the US – accounting for roughly 66 percent of all searches according to researcher comScore. It’s necessary to understand that not all search engines behave the same way. SEO techniques that help you in Google may not work for some of the smaller sites such as Bing or Yahoo.

Having limited resources, it’s understandable that many small and medium businesses only factor in the most dominant search engine for their SEO efforts.  However, there are some minimal areas you can adjust to help your ranking in the other search engines as well, without investing a large amount of time.

Using Bing as an example, since it is ranked as the second most-used search engine, there are a few small ways it differs from Google. The age of your domain holds more importance on Bing than it does on Google. If you have a website with a brand new domain, your search ranking will slightly improve the longer your site is around. On the other hand, if your website has been around for awhile, you are already in good standing with the search engine.

Bing also places more emphasis on the title tags of your website. If you are optimizing for Google, hopefully you have already incorporated your keywords into the title tags. If not, this is a minor adjustment which will help your site jump up in the Bing page ranks. Finally, another significant difference is how Bing reacts to your keywords. Bing has some different best practices for this area, more of which you can read about on their keyword research website.

As far as optimizing for the third-place search engine – Yahoo – many don’t realize that their search is actually powered by Bing. So by taking the extra effort to optimize for Bing, you have actually optimized for nearly the rest of the search engine market.

Whether or not you see an increase in traffic to your site as a result of optimizing for these search engines depends on which search engine your customers are using. Although for the minimal effort it takes to improve your ranking in these areas, it is worth it to find out.

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