Issue 10 – Retiring on Web Hosting

A hosting business is an investment. Whether you plan to “cash it in” or not, it’s always in your personal interest to set a target objective for your investment’s value and act so as to maximize that value. In the last issue of Ping! Zine we discussed the basics of applying a value to a service provider operation. We saw that some service providers are able to sell their operation for significantly more than others based on certain definable value factors.


Data Center Dossier:
The Planet

Hosting Gurus:
Upgrading to Apache 2 on Mac OS X.3
Web Hosting Differences
Protect Your Privacy Online

Sales & Marketing:
Affiliate Marketing & PPC Search Engines
Effectively Selecting Search Terms
Top 10 PPC Search Engines
Web Hosting Marketing, Then and Now

Industry Q&A:
Past, Present and Future

Business Issues:
Computer & Desk Stretches
Your First Hire

Server Security:
Web Hosting Security Demystified
Just For Fun
Crossword Puzzle

Product Review:
WebPositiion Gold 3
Surround Sound Headset

Digital Piracy and Kids



Bits and Bytes:
Cube Search Contest Winners
Verisign Goes MMS by Aquiring LightSurf
Hosting Glossary
HostingCon 2005 Conference Update
Google Goes Mini With Server
Hosting Frog Hops Along
GoDaddy Retains Ad Store
MicroSoft Releases Beta of AntiSpyware Solution
Yahoo Launches Desktop Search Product
Lunarpages Offers Free Website Hosting