Issue 18 – SEO: Google’s Search For You!

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are many tools at your disposal. There are two meta tags and one HTML tag that will help you in optimizing your site for search engines. In addition to meta tags, more and more search engines are developing other new technologies; we will discuss those, as well.


Hosting Gurus:

Hosting’s Hidden World: Success Using Value Added Services, Part 2

End User Changes Affecting Your Business?

Customer Support Q&A

Temptations of Overselling

Customer Support Q&A

Sales and Marketing:
Expanding Business Internationally

Tech Talk:
Rockin Your Ruby Rails

Server Security:
I’ve Been Hacked

Business Issues:
Does The AOL Search “Fiasco” Hold Lessons For Hosting Providers?

Nice To Meet You! “Your Company’s First Impression”

Blog For Web Hosting

Connecting To The Modern Gamer

Three Quick Tricks For Reading Minds

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Service Directory

Random Static


Bits and Bytes:
Curtis Returns As Sr. VP, Sales & Marketing At Superb Internet

The Planet-EV1 Servers Names New Sales Executive

Web Hosting To Be Featured At ISPcon 2006

Editor’s Find! Where’s The Fire?

Righteous Software Announces Datacenter Platform

Liquid Web Creates 100 New Jobs

Host Careers Launches Job Portal For The Web Hosting Industry

MySpace Makes Move To Block Illegal Use of Copyrighted Music

Google Acquires YouTube for $1.65 Billion in Stock

Web Host, VOiP Firm, CBeyond, Honored With CIO of the Year Award

AIT Acclaim Begins Negotiations for Accrediting I.T. Training Courses

Google Acquires Collaboration Service Provider Jotspot Creates Online Game About Server System Administration

Tracking Your Hits Uber Geek Style