Issue 37 – 15 Fantastic Firsts

Trailblazers, creatives and innovators have taken the Internet to where it is today and made it an essential part of our everyday lives. We have selected a number of interesting “firsts” from the history of the Internet (and the Web) for your reading pleasure.


Generating Leads With White Papers

Kemp Technologies introduces Virtual LoadMaster Technology

The Art of Managing

Website Hosting Niches

Hosting Companies For Sale

How to Write a Better Website Title Tag

HostingCon Steadily Gaining Momentum

Ping! Zine Service Directory

Rules to Live Revisited

Bits & Bytes

CloudLinux Unveils CloudLinux OS at Parallel’s Summit

Parallels Small Business Panel Attracts the Largest Industry Players

HostDime Announces the Launch of HostDime India

Google Loses Domain Name Trademark Arbitration

TurnKey Internet Purchases Datacenter in New York’s Tech Valley

cPanel Releases Free Conference Session Videos

PayPal Founder Matches Donations to Seasteading Institute

Comodo Dragon Protects Online Privacy

VISI Expands Minnesota Data Center to Accommodate Customer Demand

Web Host Boot Camp 2009 Wrap Up

Wikimedia Foundation Announces $2 Million Grant From Google