Issue 51 – 2012 Ping! Zine Readers’ Choice Awards

Ping! Zine recently polled our readers, asking them their opinions on who they thought excelled in key categories of the web hosting industry. After extensive feedback, the results have arrived. And while they’re nowhere near scientific, they represent some consensus among our faithful readers.
So without further ado, here are this year’s winners…


Difference In Roles

Hosting Gaming: Infrastructure of Fun!

MDM is Not Mobile Security

The Hype Around Big Data

Breaking Bad Reviews: Protecting Your Business


Stolen Apple Data Came From a Publishing Company?

Microsoft Dubs Windows Server 2012 ‘the Cloud OS’

Wiper Malware Ssearch EndsUp Finding ‘Flame’

Twitter, Facebook Compete in Mobile Advertising

Mobile Gaming Hits Consoles Makers Where it Hurts

cPanel Prepares to Kick off 2012 Conference

Mobile Broadband Speeds to be Measured by FCC