Issue 61 – Past, Present, Future: Hosting and the Internet Revolution

Issue 61 - Past, Present, Future: Hosting and the Internet RevolutionAs the Internet services and web hosting industries continue their dramatic growth, it is interesting to consider that things were very different just 20 years ago. The Internet and the World Wide Web were niche services, used by a small number of people in academia and science. Today, the Web Hosting Industry has grown to serve millions of individuals, organizations and businesses, on a global scale.


Defining Your Business Model

Which Plan Do You Need to Get Started?

Configuration Guide for cPanel® & WHM® Software

So, You Want to Run a Web Hosting Company and the DNS Connection?

PHP Hardening Techniques

Configuring cPanel: Resource Management

Configuring cPanel Software: MySQL

How many customers will fit on that server?

Plan B: The History of Backups and Data Loss

The Online Order Process with WHMCS

Make More Money Without Increasing Visitor Count

Fraud Prevention: What, Why, & How

Choosing a Payment Gateway

Choosing A Domain Registrar

SSL Certificates: Make Easy Revenue Reselling

The Four P’s & 10 Common Marketing Mistakes

What Does Each Customer Cost?

Getting Your First Customer

Customer Service Overview

Customer Service: Hiring for World Class Technical Support

Take Charge of Your Community Dealing With Abuse

Zen & The Art of Live Chat & Telephone Support

When It’s Time to Migrate

cPanel Survey Responses from Industry Pro’s