Issues of Virtual Machine Software Licensing Solved with the Release of CrypKey Version 8

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – CrypKey, a leading provider of software licensing and copy protection for software providers for 20+ years, announces the release of CrypKey 8.x with “VM Protect”. VMProtect is a very significant innovation. It protects valuable software applications from illegal copying by Virtual Machine (VM) duplication. It is a valuable tool to ensure the owner of the software does not suffer a revenue loss.

Usage of Virtual Machines has grown exponentially in recent years, and copying a Virtual Machine is now as easy as copying a file. Most licensing and copy protection software detects illegal duplication by looking at various machine data such as drive serial number, motherboard serial number, etc. The problem is, when a Virtual Machine is duplicated – none of this information changes! Even with most forms of software licensing and copy protection in place, unauthorized software duplication has never been easier.

VMProtect takes software licensing and software copy protection a huge step further – it gets machine specific information not just from the computer the software is on – if its on a Virtual Machine, it gets machine specific information from the host machine. If the entire Virtual Machine is copied to a different computer, VMProtect detects this, and illegal usage of the software can be prevented.

“This is something our customers have been asking for,” says Jim McCartney, CEO of CrypKey and chief architect of this new feature. “The fact that we were able to integrate it into our standard license locking is a real bonus. This way our customers don’t need to maintain different versions of their software.”

To take advantage of VMProtect, CrypKey customers can get CrypKey SDK or Instant V8 or later. The technology is automatically and invisibly deployed as part of CrypKey’s proprietary CrypKey Intelligent Hardware Sensing (CIHS) technology.

For more details on VMProtect or to obtain a free evaluation of CrypKey go to:

About CrypKey: Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and founded in 1992, CrypKey (Canada) Inc. is the world leader in software copy protection and software license management. They have serviced clients in over 60 countries, including some of the largest companies in the world, like Caterpillar, Honeywell, Nokia, Weyerhaeuser, and thousands more. They have led the software development community in developing intellectual property protection technology innovations. They currently service over 1,000 customers worldwide and growing. They are headed by their President, CEO, and Product Visionary, James (Jim) McCartney. They are focused on excellence in customer service and support.