It’s a Small World? Yahoo & Facebook Will Test 6 Degrees Theory

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Just how connected is everyone in the world after all? Well, according to the early 1900’s six degrees of separation theory, humans are just six steps from being connected in some way to one another. Now Yahoo Research is working with Facebook to test the theory by using the social network.

Titled the “Small World Experiment,” the study will assign participants target users (people they don’t know). The participants will be given information about their target. Users will then try to contact the target by sending a message to one friend who will then forward it to another (based off of who users think most likely knows the target or actually is the target).

Hopefully the forwarding process continues until the target person actually receives the intended message, thus providing for how many times it takes one individual to reach an unknown person. Will it take the theorized six? Will it take more or perhaps even less? The study seeks to find out. Results are expected to be included in a scientific journal. If interested in participating, visit: