It’s Here! Apple Reveals New iPhone

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – The newest iPhone had been long-awaited since the last version was launched a bit over a year ago. Widely touted as the “iPhone 5,” launch date rumors were widespread across the internet.

Finally, Apple’s latest version of its popular iPhone was rolled out at an event today in California.

Perhaps spectators were in for somewhat of a surprise. The new iPhone doesn’t carry the much anticipated iPhone 5 name.

In fact, the latest model is named the iPhone4S. According to a report by CNN, the smartphone appears identical to the last version. However, looks can be deceiving.

The new smartphone has an A5 processor, making it considerably faster than its predecessor (according a CNN report, Apple indicated it’s 2x faster for memory & 7x faster for loading graphics).

New Apple CEO Tim Cook was on hand to for the smartphone’s unveiling.

Meanwhile, other features of the device include a new camera, extended battery life, new voice recognition, and more. For further information on the iPhone 4S, view a report by CNN at: