Itanium Chip Dispute Between HP & Oracle Hits Cali Court

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A new high-profile legal battle is underway between top tech providers HP and Oracle.

HP is suing Oracle for $4 billion, alleging that the company violated a contract after pulling support for HP servers from its database software.

The server chip in question is none other than the Itanium chip, manufactured in coordination with Intel. Oracle’s defense? The company believes that the product itself would be phased out, a notion denied by the chip creator.

“HP is trying to force Oracle to support a technology, Itanium, that Oracle does not believe in,” commented Oracle attorney Dan Wall in a report from the BBC.

Both HP and Oracle have clashed in the past. Amid controversy, current Oracle co-president Mark Hurd previously resigned from HP and assumed his current spot in 2010. It was a move that resulted in a lawsuit from HP against the database creator.

While a new case involving tech titans is not uncommon, it’s interesting to note that most recent ones have revolved around patent disputes, not controversy in regards to contracts. Meanwhile, the case was expected to feature testimony from tech heavyweights including Intel CEO Paul Otellini.