It’s a Deal! Voxel Becomes Part of Internap

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Hosting provider Voxel is now part of IT solution company Internap. Internap announced today that it had acquired Voxel for $30 million, expanding Internap’s IT offerings that currently include Enterprise IP and more.

Voxel’s solutions include managed hosting, dedicated and cloud servers, colocation, SLA, and backup.

Internap CEO Eric Cooney discussed what the move means for his company’s IT resources, stating, “As IT Infrastructure outsourcing advances, enterprises increasingly seek service providers to support myriad applications and workloads throughout their entire IT lifecycle.”

“This acquisition of Voxel increases Internap’s market share and growth rate, accelerates our product roadmap and creates an unmatched competitive position as an IT Infrastructure services provider,” Cooney continued.

Meanwhile, the move could become worth even more than the initial $30 million. A cash amount of $5 million dollars could be provided for dependent upon how well the deal works out.

Regarding the matter, Voxel CEO Raul K. Martynek expressed excitement, saying, “The combination of Internap’s broad market presence and robust, high-performance IT Infrastructure platform with our expertise in automated hosting and cloud services will deliver a powerful option for a broad range of enterprise customers.”

Internap also receives larger global presence, adding company locations from Voxel such as Singapore and Amsterdam.

The agreement was finalized shortly before the new year, despite just being announced today. Internap stated that additional services supported by Voxel are currently available for its user base.

The move follows the launch of a new Plano, Texas data center by Internap just last month. For additional information, visit: