It’s Facebook VS Samsung! HTC First to Battle Galaxy S4

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The mobile market will take an interesting twist within the near future.

Tomorrow, HTC is expected to release its Facebook-centered phone with the HTC First. Meanwhile, later this month, Samsung will launch its more highly anticipated Galaxy S4.

The two devices could pit the companies against one another as each battles for mobile supremacy.

The HTC First will go on sale at AT&T only for an asking price of $99 with a new two year contract while the Galaxy S4 will probably be almost double that.

So which phone is best suited for you? If you’re looking for affordability and also happen to be very social savvy, we’d recommend the HTC First. But if you’re not comfortable with having Facebook shoved in your face at all times and want to spend a little extra, why not go with the S4?

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