iWeb Introduces Smart Servers

(Ping! Zine) –  iWeb redefines dedicated servers with what is considered its biggest product innovation to date. This new product launch marks the first milestone of the company’s transformation into an innovative provider of automated on-demand server hosting services.

Introducing Smart Servers
Deployed in less than 2 hours and featuring a permanent remote console (KVM/IP), Gigabit blazing-fast local network connectivity and trouble-free migrations, Smart Server joins iWeb’s line of dedicated hosting products built to please web application and software developers in need of both server hosting flexibility and server hosting power.

“Smart Server redefines dedicated hosting by eliminating the pains associated with managing and using a dedicated server” said Martin Leclair, iWeb’s President of Products and Technology. “The customers buying a Smart Server today will not only get the current set of features, but will benefit from the constant evolution of the platform.” he added.

Smart Servers; Powered by Smart Layer in iWeb’s latest Datacenter
The Smart Server launch is the result of two years of intensive development efforts including construction of a new datacenter from the ground up with automation in mind. This new datacenter, iWeb’s 4th, is the home of an innovative server automation platform called Smart Layer which was built for instant provisioning and instant interconnection of up to 20,000 Smart Servers.

“Today’s product launch is less about the Smart Server itself and more about bringing a new infrastructure online that will be the base of iWeb’s next phase of growth.” said Cyrille Mertes, iWeb’s CTO. “It is the result of many months of hard work from our teams and marks the beginning of an important product transformation for iWeb and its customers. Our goal is to have our complete line of dedicated server products and options available under the new platform as Smart Servers in the next several months” he added.

Experience Smart Servers
Smart Servers are available starting at an introductory price of $99 per month with 10 different hardware configurations, the choice of CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu as the operating system and the option to install the cPanel hosting control panel. For a limited time, Smart Servers are packaged with a huge 10TB traffic allocation.

For more information please visit: http://www.iweb.com.