iWeb Unveils New Corporate Image

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – iWeb, Global provider of Internet hosting services and IT infrastructure, announces the unveiling of its new corporate image reflecting its new products and featuring its new automated solutions.

Since the launching of its new line of Smart Servers, iWeb initiated the rejuvenation of its image, on its website, in the new Control Center, and in its advertisements.

“The new line of Smart Servers underscores our evolution as a service provider that offers innovative solutions and as a company that has repositioned itself with a new strategy and a new target through its automation solutions”, said Martin Leclair, President, Products and Technologies at iWeb. “It was, therefore, essential to reflect this new momentum through a new and more current image of iWeb” he added.

“The name iWeb is an integral part of our brand, it was imperative for the company to carry it forward in our new image. iWeb’s corporate identity obviously couldn’t be complete without a new logo that represents all its characteristics while conveying with it the history of the company. “said Sylvain Leclair, CDO at iWeb.

With the launch of the new logo yesterday, the term Technologies Inc. has been dropped to focus on the new company slogan “Dedicated Gets Smarter”.

The new iWeb logo embodies the company’s values and therefore, it symbolizes the achievements of the past as well as future successes. The creative process necessary for the completion of this logo took several months and required the involvement of many external stakeholders who guided iWeb through the creative journey.

iWeb site is available at: http://iweb.com