IX Launches Cloud Hosting Platform

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – IX Web Hosting has been an industry leader in web hosting services for over a decade, primarily focused on its Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) offerings. While they have been unofficially offering cloud services to customers that outgrow the needs of Shared Web Hosting and VPS, they have officially launched their Cloud Platform to the market with the introduction of both Public and Private Cloud plans. These plans introduce a previously unseen level of scalability and reliability into their lineup, utilizing a true cloud infrastructure, wherein data is connected only to a virtual container within the cloud and thus, not reliant on the performance any individual server. User-control, security and data integrity are the top priorities amongst patrons of any cloud-computing infrastructure, where constant, reliable uptime based on complex, multi-factor redundancy are the essential building blocks. With this new series of products, IX Web Hosting aims directly at those priorities and hopes to significantly grow this sector of their business within the next 6 months.

These new cloud plans have been designed for a number of different infrastructural environments and use-intents, but the same goals are met globally. The ability to completely customize your plan, from the operating system to the amount of memory, was particularly important to a company that hosts a variety of options intended to be useful to all different types of web presences. Additionally, the restrictions placed on similar competitor cloud offerings are non-existent with IX’s cloud lineup, making them better suited for a large number of use cases.

IX Web Hosting offers their “Public Cloud” with a comparatively well-priced, highly scalable, user-friendly approach that appears more focused on bringing the cloud down to users new to the technology without any sacrifice. As is usual with cutting-edge computing technology however, the advantage goes to the user whose demands include the vast amount that cloud technology can offer their operation, and who has the budget to match those requirements. Rick Gideon, IX Web Hosting’s VP of System Operations, states: “This is a the next generation of the old-faithful “dedicated server”. Powered by the same enterprise-grade equipment and software as our Private Cloud products, our Public Cloud solution is an “out of the box” virtual server with dedicated resources that is able to host all sorts of applications including web servers, email and exchange servers, game applications, merchant processing and more. It has all of the core functionality of a traditional dedicated server, but without the downfalls of a stand-alone box because it benefits from the integrity and redundancy aspects inherit with the cloud. It’s the best option for anyone who wants a self-administered, enterprise-grade solution on the web.”

Since IX has both owned and managed their data center since inception over 10 years ago, it was a natural progression to delve into the realm of Cloud Hosting for its audience – an audience that has been growing both in number and in resource needs across the industry. Instead of taking their current infrastructure and virtualizing it, a common practice among full-gamut hosting companies, they purchased entirely new hardware optimized for virtualized environments; a multi-million dollar blade and SAN setup powered by Citrix.

Their lineup now includes two customizable cloud plans with features suitable for Small Businesses all the way up to Enterprise level. Both plans are 100% scalable and include a user-friendly “slider” approach to all features. Users that start on the lowest plan but find that they need to quickly scale upwards on a project basis, for example, will be able to do so without switching plans and without getting a price-shock. The plan differentiation provides a range that removes the guesswork for each individual user-type in choosing an adequate project environment.

Perhaps the biggest, most poignant concept to be born with IX’s cloud offering is their Private Cloud. Intended for organizations that can benefit from both inter- and intranet cloud services, the Private Cloud allows for the same company providing a development environment for an IT team on the cloud, for example, to also provide an entirely virutalized computing experience on that same cloud. Rick Gideon adds: “What makes our Private Cloud offering so exciting is that it’s the first cloud product to deliver a true end-to-end Infrastructure as a Service solution, enabling businesses of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of a multi-million dollar data center environment and enterprise-grade server technology, at a cost they can easily afford; if not less expensive than their current IT expense. Our technology know-how paired with private telecom services creates a secure, fast and reliable service for all types of applications traditionally reserved for in-house servers, such as accounting, ERP, EMR, database and file servers, and even virtual thin-clients in lieu of desktops. Our solutions save time and money starting with the IT guy all the way up to the CFO.”