Jelastic Becomes Commercially Available through ServInt

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Popular Java-based solution platform Jelastic was recently integrated within solutions offered by hosting provider ServInt.

Jelastic allows web developers to set up create cloud environments with the use of software stacks  including platforms such as MySQL, JBoss servers and more.

Announcing the move on Wednesday, the web host holds the distinction of being the “exclusive provider” of the solution in the states. Discussing the matter in a press release, Servint CEO Reed Caldwell said Jelastic was the first PaaS solution to make use of “best-of-breed systems from both the hosting and the PaaS software industries.”

“We have collaborated directly with Jelastic every step of the way to ensure that Jelastic is the best designed, most reliable and best supported PaaS on the market,” Caldwell continued.

As a company, Jelastic previously entered the U.S. market by establishing offices in Palo Alto, California, an area already known as home to a variety of top tech companies including Facebook, HP, Xerox and more.

Jelastic launched into public beta last October. A highlight of the solution is its ability to not require changes to coding, even while offering the ability to run a variety of java applications. ServInt’s hosting solutions include dedicated, VPS and managed provided for through data center locations in Los Angeles and the District of Colombia. For more information regarding the matter, view a press release from ServInt here (