Jelastic Releases Update to Platform-as-infrastructure (PaI) Cloud Solution

Jelastic Releases Update to Platform-as-infrastructure (PaI) Cloud Solution(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  Jelastic, Inc., the developer of Platform-as-Infrastructure, combining the flexibility of IaaS and the ease of use of PaaS in a single turnkey platform, has released an update to its Platform-as-Infrastructure (PaI) solution. The new version (1.9.3) adds scalability, security and performance features for both enterprises and hosting service providers. Jelastic also announced today that it is profiled by leading IT analyst firm IDC in a new report “Jelastic’s Private Cloud PaaS Gains Momentum with Hosters”, which finds the company to be well positioned for the future as enterprises and developers begin to demand more integrated Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities.

New Release of Jelastic Platform-as-Infrastructure (v1.9.3)

Jelastic’s new version of Platform-as-Infrastructure delivers key features for enterprises and hosting service providers, focusing on application scalability, security and performance. This new functionality includes:

  •     New garbage collection features that ensure optimal application performance and maximum density
  •     PHP performance optimization that increases application performance up to 40%
  •     Automatic scaling of PHP workers to scaling limits
  •     New database and application access security features
  •     New billing features for enterprise clouds and additional billing system support for hosting service providers

“As enterprises continue to migrate to the cloud, new requirements and needs emerge,” said John Derrick, Jelastic CEO. “Developers need a comprehensive platform that allows rapid application development and deployment. Enterprise IT departments need scalability, high-availability and cast-iron security. Hosting service providers need optimum density and tight integration with billing systems. This new release of Platform-as-Infrastructure delivers key features that enable our customers to implement scalable private and public clouds rapidly and securely.”

Jelastic Profiled by IDC

Jelastic has been profiled in a new IDC report entitled “Jelastic’s Private Cloud PaaS Gains Momentum with Hosters”. The report offers key insights into the emerging landscape for PaaS and IaaS solutions.

IDC also outlines eight critical questions that enterprises should ask to better understand their specific requirements and make informed buying decisions before moving to the cloud. These questions, which cover cloud deployment models, application development needs and other key evaluation factors are available at

“IDC has closely monitored the emerging IaaS and PaaS markets and is observing increased blending of the two capabilities,” said Al Hilwa, Director for Application Development at IDC. “By integrating PaaS and IaaS into their private and public cloud solution, Jelastic provides enterprises and hosters with a turnkey stack that provides rapid deployment and immediate ROI.”


  •     Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure is a turnkey cloud solution that can be deployed as a private, public or hybrid cloud by enterprises or hosting service providers.
  •     Platform-as-Infrastructure combines the traditional paradigms of Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service to provide a comprehensive Java, Ruby and PHP hosting platform.
  •     Jelastic achieves significant deployment, management and operational savings by delivering a turnkey cloud platform, for a fraction of the cost of existing virtualization solutions.
  •     For developers, Jelastic provides one-click deployment and automatic scalability of Java, Ruby and PHP applications without the need to code to proprietary APIs.

About Jelastic

Jelastic, Inc. provides enterprise software that re-defines the economics of cloud deployment and management. Jelastic delivers Platform-as-Infrastructure, combining the flexibility of IaaS and the ease of use of PaaS within a single turnkey platform, at a fraction of the cost of existing virtualized environments. Jelastic, headquartered in San Mateo, California, enables enterprises and hosting service providers to unleash the full potential of the cloud. For more information or to start a free, two-week trial, visit us at

IDC Vendor Profile Details:
IDC #246613: Jelastic Private Cloud PaaS Gains Momentum with Hosters. February 2014.