Jobs Introduces iCloud at WWDC

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Apple CEO Steve Jobs took center stage at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, introducing the company’s cloud service, iCloud.

During the speech, Jobs admitted the complexity of storing files on multiple devices and stressed iCloud’s simplicity.

The service allows users to automatically sync all their music to their Apple devices from another device or by using a tab in iTunes, all done through the cloud.

Jobs stated, “if you get a new Phone, just type in your Apple ID and password, and everything will be downloaded to the new phone.”

Besides storing music in the cloud, iCloud can store users’ documents, calendar appointments, contacts, and photos.

With the debut of the service, Apple is giving everyone 5GB of free storage space. The service is free for most Apple devices and will officially debut when iOS 5 becomes available sometime this fall. However, Apple has already launched a developer beta version of the service.

The introduction of iCloud means the end for Apple’s MobileMe subscription service, which the company had offered for $99 a year.

During the conference, Apple also unveiled iTunes Match, which will allow users to sync non-iTunes music for $24.99 a year.

Apple might be last in the race for debuting its cloud service, but the company secured music licensing deals with top record companies before the unveiling. Both Amazon and Google have launched similar cloud services in the past without licensing. For more information on iCloud, visit: