KEMP Announces New Load Balancers

(Ping! Zine) – KEMP Technologies today launched two new appliances to provide business continuity and disaster recovery across datacenters.  The LoadMaster DR (LM-DR) and Virtual LoadMaster (VLM-DR), a virtual appliance, can divert Web and application traffic from one datacenter to another in the event of an outage. Any data-center service disruption can be quickly detected and user traffic intelligently redirected to the best available site eliminating downtime.  This assures business continuity, high availability and scalability of web-enabled applications across multiple, geographically-distributed servers and data centers

Both the LoadMaster DR and VLM DR enable multi-datacenter high availability at an affordable cost to install and maintain. Even when a primary site is down, traffic is still diverted to the disaster recovery site. Additionally, LoadMaster DR can load balance traffic across two or more sites, ensuring clients connect to the best available datacenter for reliable and continuous application access.

LoadMaster DR can be deployed in a distributed (Active/Active) high availability configuration, with both appliances securely synchronizing information. By introducing LoadMaster DR to a current datacenter, businesses can fully leverage an existing Authoritative Domain Name Services (DNS) investment with minimal integration. The LoadMaster DR also offers “Round Robin” and “Least Connections” load balancing for all active datacenters, which includes a chained failover option for disaster recovery. 

“With the LoadMaster DR and the choice of hardware or virtual platforms, KEMP reaffirms our commitment toward offering best-in-class products at a lower cost to businesses without sacrificing functionality,” notes Peter Melerud, co-founder and VP of product management of KEMP Technologies. “Whether a business has a single server in each datacenter or multiple servers at each location, the LoadMaster DR gives customers high availability and scalability for all their web-facing applications.”

Both the LoadMaster DR and VLM DR are currently available.  The LoadMaster DR is priced at an MSRP of $2,990 with an introductory price of $1,590 and the VLM DR is offered at the MSRP of $1,990.