KidoZen, the Enterprise Focused Mobile Platform, Announces the General Availability of its Private Cloud Offering

KidoZen, the Enterprise Focused Mobile Platform, Announces the General Availability of its Private Cloud Offering(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – KidoZen’s next-generation enterprise mobile platform is enabling organizations to realize their mobile strategies with backend integration, extensive mobile-first application functionality, management and monitoring. All this is accomplished with an open enterprise mobile platform as a service that is providing the flexibility the enterprise needs to implement mobile solutions economically and effectively.

KidoZen is expanding its range of deployment options available to the general public with the release of its HIPPA/PCI compliant enterprise mobile private cloud offering. The KidoZen private cloud version allows enterprise customers to take advantage of the same extensive functionality and features of KidoZen’s public and hybrid clouds all within the corporate-managed datacenter. Currently, KidoZen is deployed in nearly 20 datacenters globally. The addition of the private cloud offering has more than doubled the number of private datacenters for customers with higher concern for security and privacy.

“KidoZen’s private cloud version can be deployed using a variety of architectures like VMWare ESX, VMWare vCloud, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer or alternatively with a private PaaS setup,” said Ben Elliott, VP of Business Development and Marketing for KidoZen. “The extensive list of deployment options has helped many of our customers move to a private cloud setup through the use of their existing technology investments.”

Mobile solutions built on the KidoZen platform may still be used with public and hybrid cloud capabilities when using KidoZen’s private cloud architecture. For development and testing environments, having this option reduces the time, financial and internal datacenter requirements with no changes to the application and components.

“KidoZen has delivered a richer, simpler and exponentially more robust platform that allows developers to incorporate backend capabilities such as user authentication, data management, and integration with corporate systems into their mobile applications,” said Jesus Rodriguez, Kidozen CEO. “The addition of the private cloud to the KidoZen platform is yet another example of our company’s commitment to continuous technology innovation for the platform.”

About KidoZen 
KidoZen is an enterprise mobile platform as a service that was created to accomplish a simple and yet powerful goal: ENABLE THE MOBILE-FIRST ENTERPRISE. KidoZen is accomplishing this goal by providing a ridiculously simple model for IT organizations to enable, manage and operate an enterprise-ready backend for their mobile applications. Focusing on enterprise-ready backend capabilities, KidoZen makes it extremely easy for mobile application developers to integrate with line of business systems, both hosted on the cloud or behind the firewall. To this day, KidoZen is providing the foundation for the mobile enterprise in a large number of enterprises ranging from medium business to Fortune 500 organizations.