Klout Adds Instagram & Bing Integration

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – How big is your social networking sway? Website Klout.com provides just that, giving users the ability to have their data analyzed – thus measuring their influence.

The website then generates a Klout score. For example, U.S. President Barack Obama’s is at 99% while pop sensation Justin Bieber’s ranks at 91%.

“The more you engage people with your content, the higher your Klout Score,” explains the website via its Hot It Works section.

And according to a Sunday report from MakeUsOf.com, the website is expanding its own influence, perhaps. Klout will now take Instagram and Bing into consideration when measuring user scores. Although some Instagram integration was previously implemented, it never came to full fruition until now.

“Starting this week, all your Instagram activities will be part of your Klout Score, and your most popular photos will appear in your Klout Moments. We are rolling out this integration by phases so some of our users might have seen their score increase due to Instagram before this post. If you haven’t yet connected Instagram to your account, go here and do it today,” the company explained via its blog.

Klout previously announced plans to measure sport stars’ influences with ESPN The Magazine in January.