Knee Defender: Should This Device Be Banned On Flights?

Knee Defender: Should This Device Be Banned On Flights?(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Flying is a hassle, especially when dealing with rude passengers. On a recent United Airlines flight, a fight broke out over the use of the reclining seat prevention device, Knee Defender.

According to a report from CNN, flight 1462 from Newark to Denver had to abruptly land at the Chicago O’Hare airport after a heated dispute occurred between two passengers, after the male passenger used the Knee Defender on his seat, preventing the woman in front of him from reclining her seat.

The male passenger refused to remove the device after a flight attendant asked him to remove it, which caused the frustrated woman to throw a cup of water at him.

Police were awaiting the passengers in Chicago, though no arrests were made.

Knee Defender was created in 2003 by Ira Goldman who says he was tired of being hit in the knees by reclining seats.

Knee Defender states on its website that “if the airlines will not protect people from being battered, crunched, and immobilized — very real problems according to healthcare professionals, medical studies, government agencies, and even some airlines — then people need options to protect themselves.”

The Knee Defender can be purchased for $21.95 here.