Korea Server Hosting Inc. Introduces Data Protection from R1Soft

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Shared and dedicated hosting provider Korea Server Hosting Inc. (KSIDC) today announced that it has partnered with R1Soft, the developer of Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) software, to bring clients enterprise-class data backup and recovery.

R1Soft CDP’s performance capabilities allow KSIDC to schedule virtual-full backups as frequently as every 15 minutes, with low server load during backup. CDP also minimizes downtime and data loss by enabling users – both system administrators and end-users – to easily and quickly recover data through individual file or full-system restores.

For KSIDC, CDP’s high functionality and ease of use separate it from the competition. CDP’s multi-tenant repository adds efficiency to backup management for KSIDC system administrators. At the same time, CDP’s hosting control panel integration makes it easy for KSIDC customers to browse and restore archived backups and view detailed progress reports of replication and restore jobs as they run.

“R1Soft CDP quickly demonstrated that it could meet all of our Windows and Linux backup needs. This partnership is already proving to be very beneficial to KSIDC and our customers,” said Hyun Chul Jung, project manager for Korea Server Hosting Inc.

To meet the individual needs of KSIDC customers, a variety of backup options will be offered including a value-add service to existing packages and a stand-alone premium backup service. For more information on backup services from KSIDC, please visit http://ksidc.net/addservice/imgbackup.

“R1Soft CDP is more than just high-performance backup and recovery protection for KSIDC. With CDP, KSIDC can offer clients reliable backup service according to the customer’s needs and preferences” said Domingo Martinez, global marketing manager for R1Soft, a division of BBS Technologies. “The difference between the two may seem subtle on the surface, but it can make a huge difference to the customer”.

About Korea Server Hosting Inc.

Korea Server Hosting Inc. (KSIDC) offers IDC and collocation services built around its well-secured and fully duplicated network. KSIDC’s 2,000-plus customers are a testament to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

About R1Soft

R1Soft is the developer of Continuous Data Protection® (CDP), scalable and high-performance backup software for Windows and Linux servers in the Cloud. Recognized as the leading commercial backup software in hosted services, R1Soft CDP is currently used by over 1,000 Cloud infrastructure providers and protects more than 200,000 servers worldwide. R1Soft is a division of BBS Technologies.

For more information on R1Soft, please visit: http://www.r1soft.com/