Largest in Texas: CyrusOne Brings Data Center Online

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Data center and colocation provider CyrusOne had big news on Monday: The company had brought its 57 thousand square feet Carrollton, Texas data center online.

The inclusion of the company’s latest facility builds upon a data infrastructure from the provider that already includes other Texas locations in cities such as Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Cyrus One also operates in states including Ohio, Illinois and Arizona.

“With this facility, we are delivering an ‘enterprise quality’ data center, which requires the highest levels of security and resiliency, by taking advantage of scale economies typically only achievable by ‘webscale’ Internet companies,” commented CyrusOne President Gary Wojtaszek in a press release.

The company’s based its Carrollton facility on something it calls “Massively Modular,” a design CyrusOne CTO Kevin Timmons said helps the company accomplish things like “construction and asset utilization efficiencies.”

So how does the facility compare to other Texas sites? The company says it’s the largest data center in the state. “The facility is approximately one-quarter-mile long, or large enough to house six 747 airplanes, four football fields, a dozen space shuttles, or two Washington Monuments,” read the press release from the company.

The opening of the site occurs just a short time after the company announced an expansion at its Houston facility.