Latest Adobe Flash Set for 3D

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Looking to provide higher quality, today Adobe announced that the latest version of its Flash player will feature 3D, particularly in the area of internet gaming.

Aside from 3D, it appears that Adobe is focused on cross-platform compatibility, emphasizing its ability to work on platforms such as Mac OS, Windows, Android, and more. Meanwhile, AIR 3, an application enabler also features 3D technology.

Besides the 3D capability, other features of the programs involve 2D, captive runtime, content protection and more.

Commenting on the matter, company VP and GM of Platform Danny Winokur stated, “With this milestone release Adobe pushes the envelope of what is possible on the Web with a typical PC and opens up a new world of immersive, high-performance gaming experiences.”

Both programs are set for release next month.

In August, Adobe revealed a product that enables website creation without using code. Currently code-named “Muse,” the software is now in beta. For more information regarding Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3, visit: