Layered Tech Enhances Customer Portal

(Ping! Zine) – Layered Technologies, Inc.  today announced that its enhanced Web-based customer portal, called Pentagon 3, will include added monitoring capabilities and deliver greater convenience and visibility to customers through highly intuitive and customizable features. Pentagon 3 will become seamlessly available to all Layered Tech customers via computers, as well as Web-enabled mobile devices later this quarter. In addition to being able to order virtual machines through the portal, Pentagon 3’s enhancements will include widgets for accessing e-mail clients, RSS feeds, message boards, calendars and more so that customers can create a customized personal dashboard with direct access to the data that’s important to them.

“Portal capabilities are one of the key differentiators between service providers in Web hosting and cloud infrastructure,” said Lydia Leong, Research VP, Gartner. “Customers want to be able to monitor and manage their infrastructure anytime, anywhere, from any device. Furthermore, different people within a customer organization have different needs; a business manager, application owner, and IT operations engineer, for instance, all need different visibility and control in the portal.”

Layered Tech’s existing customer portal already provides customers with a powerful centralized management system for support, upgrades, hardware information and invoicing, and with Pentagon 3’s full-fledged feature set, extensive content choices and customization capabilities, customers can have everything they need and want, from server monitoring tools to global news feeds, available in one place.

“Layered Tech continually strives to develop innovative solutions and tools that not only meet customers’ needs, but also make managing and observing their hosted environment, whether it be a few servers to several hundred, as simple as possible. The latest version of our customer portal will do just that,” said Terrance Bush, COO and CIO of Layered Tech. “Pentagon 3 will allow customers to configure their own personal dashboard with drag and drop features and widgets so that all of the tools and information they prefer is accessible via a single location. And with additional enhancements planned for later this year and onward, Layered Tech customers will have unprecedented visibility and management of their infrastructure, as well as the ability to order virtual machines from within the portal.”

Pentagon 3 enhancements include:

•Introduction of extensive customization capability, with drag-and-drop features and widgets, so that customers can tailor “data dashboards” with the tools and information most useful to them;
•Access to additional purchasing options so that in addition to ordering dedicated servers, customers will be able to order cloud-based solutions, specifically, virtual machines;
•Access to the VMware Console from within Pentagon 3 so that customers can view their virtual environment, monitor it, build templates and more (available later in the year);
•Full view of the R1Soft Back-up Console from within Pentagon 3 to fully manage the server back-up solution (available later the year).

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