Leading Dutch Webhosting Provider Joins SpamExperts Hosting Partner Program

Spamexperts(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Dutch webhosting company, Yourname, has implemented SpamExperts professional incoming and outgoing filtering solutions in the Local Cloud, deployed on its own infrastructure. The high amount of spam had to be drastically reduced, as the resources spent on filtering messages locally distracted the webhost from its core business and they could not fully live up to the expectations of their clients.

“We are very happy with the SpamExperts spam and virus filtering solutions. They give our technical department the time and opportunity to focus more on other customer related developments, and, with the integration that SpamExperts offers, we’re able to offer a higher customer satisfaction regarding spam messaging. All in all, we’re very satisfied with SpamExperts filtering”, says Marcel vanOfferen, Director Yourname.

SpamExperts rose the company’s filtering level instantly and reduced their time investment, so they could use their resources on other business opportunities. Besides a significant reduction in the amount of incoming and outgoing spam, Yourname is experiencing an excellent filtering accuracy rate for them and their customers, and saving on internal resources and cost.
“It’s always great to have another happy partner. We are glad that SpamExperts solutions have been successfully implemented and that they have reduced the level of incoming and outgoing spam,” says Sam Renkema, SpamExperts CEO.

About Yourname
Yourname, whose business motto is “fast and reliable”, has been on the Internet market for over 15 years and offers hosting and domain registration to SMBs and individuals. They offer storage for rent in two of the top ten Dutch data centers called AMS-IX, both for the highest service availability possible, as they are directly connected to the Internet backbone. Yourname was founded in 1999 with an initial focus on individuals, yet since late 2000 the company has also been serving the business expanded their services in 2010.

For more information, please visit www.yourname.nl.

About SpamExperts

SpamExperts solutions are tailored to (shared) webhosts, ISPS/Telcos and large organizations, as well as distributors and resellers. They offer inbound & outbound email filtering services, as well as email archiving. The services can run either within the redundant SpamExperts Hosted Cloud or on a Local Cloud directly deployed on the customer’s (virtual) hardware.
For more info, please visit www.spamexperts.com.