League of Legends Hit By Another DDoS Attack From Lizard Squad

League of Legends Hit By Another DDoS Attack (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – League of Legends has been hit by another DDoS attack from the same group that caused multiple gaming networks to be shut down earlier this week.

Lizard Squad posted a series of tweets yesterday acknowledging the attack on Riot’s League of Legends.

“I think we broke something,” said the first tweet at 7:54 PM, followed by “League’s NA forums are displaying “500 internal error” for me. Woops.”

“Even EUW’s forums are lagging. The target was NA. lol’d,” stated the group’s last message.

According to GameZone, players were experiencing issues with loading the game, as well as problems with Ranked queues.

“Summoners we are currently working on an issue where the login queue is not allowing player to successfully login. We are working on the issues and will update you when we know more,” wrote Riot Games. “We’ve disabled Ranked queues as we’re currently experiencing issues loading the game. We’re investigating to fix the issue.”

Lizard Squad has been responsible for causing attacks on Xbox Live, Battle.net, Grinding Gears, and the PlayStation Network.