Leaked Document Reveals Xbox 720 Details

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Exactly what does Xbox 360 creator Microsoft have in mind for its next generation gaming console device? Possible details were recently leaked in a report elaborated on by the Washington Post.

The document itself contains 56 pages and lists a number of updates differentiating the next generation device from the company’s current console, the 360. The leak occurred through social publishing site Scribd and the document was eventually removed at the request of a law firm representing Microsoft.

“Microsoft positions its Xbox 720 as the only box needed for living room entertainment in the document, providing background recording functionality for TV content and a unified Windows 8 foundation to make it easier for application developers to build apps that target Xbox, PC, and Windows Phone. Illustrations of the Xbox 720 throughout the presentation,” reads the report from the Washington Post published yesterday.

Blue-ray compatibility is at play, a feature already heralded by Microsoft competitor Sony through the PlayStation 3 (first released in 2007). According to the report, “concurrent apps” along with new support for added sensor functionality is also in the mix.

How much of a performance over the 360 can we expect? Quite a bit: 6 times the improvement and it’s all backed by the device’s ability for scalable functionality for CPU cores.

“Fortazela,” a codenamed project for the 720 is detailed. From descriptions, the functionality could provide gamers with augmented reality glasses. However, that offering is expected to be launched separately than the console’s actual release. New Kinect software could also provide for more accuracy.

Microsoft recently unveiled its new SmartGlass technology at this year’s E3 conference. SmartGlass provides cross-device syncing controls for the 360 through tablets and mobile phones.