Leaked Firefox OS Images Hit the Web

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – In a mobile OS market currently dominated by the likes of iOS and Android, is there room for another viable suitor? Mozilla, creator of the popular Firefox web browser is currently preparing its own mobile operating system, simply titled Firefox OS.

Initially detailed by the company earlier this month, the platform is noted for its use of HTML5 coding and is backed by providers including Sprint and Deutsche Telekom.

The web community recently got its first peak at what the upcoming mobile OS may look like with images made available via TechWeekeurope.com. Verified through the source, Mozilla warned that they were “outdated,” although indeed real.

However, as time progress, those interested will become more familiar with Firefox OS’s design. “We’ll share new images soon. As an open source company developing products in the open, you can expect to see in-progress mock ups and screenshots of all of our projects as they evolve. These are not any indication of the final product,” commented Mozilla in the report from TechWeekeurope.com.

Vivo, a subsidiary of Telefónica is set to launch the first mobile devices operating on Firefox OS in Brazil sometime next year. Firefox OS was originally referred to as “Boot to Gecko” in its early developmental phase.