Lifestreams Introduces SDK for Cloud-Based Timeline Service

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Today, Lifestreams Technologies introduced their Timeline software development kit (SDK) for web developers and content providers to integrate rich, cloud-based timelines (otherwise known as activity streams) into their web and mobile app experiences. The SDK helps developers quickly adopt Lifestreams’ timeline cloud service which was announced last summer and is already being used by a number of customers. The beta version of the SDK currently includes RESTful, JavaScript and iOS APIs.

“Activity streams are becoming an integral part of many sites and mobile apps,” said CEO Brian Duncan. “We’ve done all the hard work of creating a robust and full-featured timeline and given you the tools to easily integrate it into your experiences. Already customers in the enterprise, health care and professional space are using Lifestreams’ timelines to increase engagement, sharing and communication. Customers are finding our technology allows them to avoid the cost and expense of implementing and maintaining their own timelines, and businesses are finding timelines keep users engaged and participating.” Many studies have shown that engaged users are much more likely to be profitable customers and positive brand ambassadors.

Beyond ease of integration, Lifestreams’ timelines provide developers with a full-featured timeline implementation, including support for rich media types (including PDF and office documents), indexing and content filtering, cloud-storage and thumbnail generation for easily display of content.

The SDK is now in beta and Lifestreams is working with early partners to integrate the technology. Interested parties can sign up at or contact Brian Duncan to discuss using the timeline SDK in your application or service.

About Lifestreams Technologies
Lifestreams was founded by Yale University computer scientists and former Walt Disney Company executives to create the first general-purpose timeline technology to power marketing, communication and collaboration efforts.