Limestone Networks Launches New NAS Solution

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, has recently completed a significant upgrade to their network attached storage (NAS) solution.

The NAS platform provides a secure, high speed, and centralized storage platform for clients that need simultaneous access to data from multiple systems and seamless scalability. Shares can be accessed over Limestone’s high speed private tunnel (included on every server), and data is stored on RAID 10 disk arrays known for high throughput and data redundancy. Offered in allocations ranging from 5 gigabytes up to multiple terabytes, the NAS platform is built to meet a variety of needs and can be scaled on the fly using Limestone’s proprietary server control panel. Common uses for this type of service are data backups, syncing data between servers, and more.

To make deployment of this new service simple for clients, Limestone Networks has retroactively upgraded all servers with a 5 gigabyte NAS share and will be automatically including this complementary upgrade with all future servers ordered. Clients interested in utilizing the free space will find access instructions in Limestone’s control panel.

In addition to the NAS space offering, Limestone Networks is announcing a new public mirroring service to contribute to the open source community. Initial mirrors include CentOS, Fedora, Gentoo, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, and Debian. The mirroring service is built to provide up to 2 gigabits per second of bandwidth and can be accessed via

For more information on the any of these new offerings, contact the Limestone Networks Sales Staff at sales(at)limestonenetworks(dot)com for more assistance.