LinMin Accelerates Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Adoption

( LinMin has announced its support for the provisioning and imaging of systems running Ubuntu 10.04 Long Term Support (LTS) Edition of Ubuntu, released by Canonical every two years.

LinMin supports the deployment and imaging of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on servers, blades, PCs, Virtual Machines and other form factor devices. LinMin’s functionality in servicing Ubuntu systems can be integrated into IT applications such as control panels and orchestration engines as well as invoked remotely with a browser.

“Canonical welcomes LinMin’s support of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server to accelerate its adoption in hosting, cloud, IaaS and corporate data centers worldwide,” said Matt Asay, COO of Canonical. “LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning empowers our customers to quickly deploy, repurpose and recover Ubuntu on large numbers of servers, blades, PCs and virtual machines faster and more reliably than with conventional methods.”

“Service providers and corporate data center leaders demand system software stability and predictability in order to meet the needs of their external and internal customers,” said Laurent Gharda, CEO and founder of LinMin Corp. “The five year support life for the server edition of every Ubuntu LTS release provides this predictability, and LinMin ensures that customers can easily and reliably deploy and recover Ubuntu systems within their IT infrastructure as we have with LTS releases since 2006.”

LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning for the provisioning and imaging of Ubuntu systems starts at $999 for 100 systems and costs $5 per system for infrastructures with 2000 systems. Contact LinMin to inquire about volume discounts for larger infrastructures. Download free trial