Listen Up UK: Razer to Accept 90% Off Coupon Code

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Talk about a discount! Gaming-centric company Razer will now honor a 90% off code in the United Kingdom, a report from Tom’s Hardware signaled Tuesday.

The move arrives after the coupon code was leaked by what was described as a “third-party” which was testing the company’s shopping cart.

And even though Razer didn’t have to honor it, thankfully it will.

“While we have the option of cancelling the orders legally, we’ve always had a customer comes first policy at Razer and in respect of this incident, we have decided to honour the orders that were placed using the unauthorized code by Razer fans buying single products for their own use,” stated Razer CEO Min-Liang Tang via the report.

Razer sells gaming devices in areas such as mice, keyboards, systems, controllers and accessories.