Long-Awaited New gTLDs Start to Arrive

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Starting today, the long-awaited new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) start to arrive. The first seven new gTLDs are available for full registration, including: .bike, .singles, .holdings, .clothing, .ventures, .plumbing and .guru. With these and hundreds more new gTLDs to be rolled out over the next year or so, the Internet landscape is set to transform for the technology and business industries. New gTLDs make it easier for companies and individuals to register a new, industry-tailored and easy-to-remember domain name that may not have been available in the currently crowded .com namespace.

After today, the next generation of Web addresses will begin to take hold as website owners start to find unique and interesting ways to incorporate these new gTLDs into their online strategies. Some companies may use a .plumbing address, for example, simply as a way to make a shorter and simpler domain name. Newer businesses especially have struggled to find a .com domain name that was not only appropriate, but available in the first place. The introduction of hundreds of brand new gTLDs provides tremendous opportunity for domain registrants to finally get the name they actually want and better reflect the website’s content.

Online branding will also be a contributing motivator for website owners as they aim to position themselves within a certain industry, community or interest group. A large business may already have an established website presence in the .com domain, but they can still take advantage of a new gTLD such as .clothing to increase the brand awareness for that business. The URL itself can illustrate the brand as it appears on the Internet in search results, external websites, etc.

With all the excitement in the technology and business industries surrounding these first seven gTLDs, it is only the beginning. Over 700 new top-level domains are planned to be released over the next year or so. Fortunately, Internet users interested in these new names do not have to wait until they are officially available to secure their desired Web address. At 1&1, for example, users can pre-register dozens of new gTLDs prior to their official availability at: www.1and1.com/new-top-level-domains.


As a manager for 1&1 Internet, Inc., Daniel Young is an industry specialist providing expert advice on how SMBs can grow their business online through websites and online marketing methods. 1&1, a global leader among Web hosts, provides companies with the tools necessary to get online and be successful. For more information visit www.1and1.com or learn about how you can drive success for your business at www.success.1and1.com